Kalangala Island is one of the biggest islands in Uganda and if you are looking for a hidden place to rest as you enjoy the beautiful melodies of the birds singing praises onto the lord then Kalangala is the right place for you. You will listen to the beautiful sounds of waters and cool winds of the Lake blowing.

Kalangala is located in Lake Victoria south western Uganda and it occupies an area of 9066 km2. Kalangala district is made up of other 84 islands widely scattered in Lake Victoria. The island was named after its local chief called Kalangala and due to its lovely features found in the island, it was declared district of its own from Masaka district.

Kalangala is an economic area and it’s blessed with fertile lands. There are plenty of activities done in the area and the main activity is fishing because the area is covered by water, making fishing the greatest economic activity done in Kalangala. They also do tourism, agriculture and livestock farming besides fishing.


Places to visit at Kalangala

Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary

Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary is surrounded by the peaceful waters of Lake Victoria and its home to orphaned chimpanzees rescued from East Africa. Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary homes over 56 chimpanzees and the sanctuary takes care of their feeding and fund is got from tourists who visit the place.


Boat cruise in Kalangala

You will do a boat cruise around Lake Victoria at leisure while enjoying the waters and winds. Boating is the way of life, as you do motorized boats and sailing in the boat.


Fishing is one of the favorite activities done in Kalangala by tourists where they will fish the giant Nile perch and Tilapia among others.

Nature walk

Nature walk is one of the most rewarding activity where you will visit fishing villages and you get a chance to interact with islander, drink with them and exchange inter-cultural items. You can walk to schools are see how welcoming children are and they will dance for you.


Kalangala Island is well known for birding experience. You do birding in the forest are see different bird species with help of tour guide.

There are plenty of things to do in Kalangala Island and trust us, you can never finish them.

Other activities:

  • Quad-biking,
  • Beach fires-BBQ,
  • sun set cruising
  • And snorkeling among others.






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