Dian Fossey Hike

It would be really absad for you to visit Rwanda for Dian Fossey hike and gorilla trekking safaris without knowing the history of Dian Fossey. Much as gorillas are also found in Uganda and Congo, Dian strategized her research in the slopes of Volcanoes National park in Rwanda. You now might be thinking who Dian Fossey was and why is the hike worth it. Allow me take you through it.

During her time, Dian Fossey was considered the most important zoologist alongside with Jane Good all and Birute Galdikas. These 3 belonged to a women oriented group called Leakey’s Angels and were sent by Louis Leakey. The group devoted much of its much to study primates in their natural homes where Dian majored in Mountain gorillas and others chimps and Orangutans respectively.

In regards to her efforts, Dian Fossey wrote a book entitled Gorillas in the Mist that was later shot in a holly wood movie called Gorillas in the Mist.

Dian Fossey carried out research on the gentle giants’ biological and social behaviors in their natural habitats every day and this took her about 18 years. She founded Karisoke research Centre between Mount Bisoke and Karisimbiand it is said that her consistency and inspirations came from Louis Leaky. Her research took her deep to conservation where she totally went against poaching which brought her a lot of enemies who later overpowered her.

Born on the 16 th of January 1932, Dian Fossey was badly murdered on 26th December 1985 and the cause of her death is still not certain. She was laid next to the grave of her favorite gorilla called Digit. Regardless of her death, her efforts still reign.

Dian Fossey’s hike permit.

One ought to be having a permit that costs 70 USD inclusive of the guides’ fee. These permits can be got from offices of Rwanda Development or headquarters of Volcanoes national park at Kinigi. You are advised to book 3 months in advance especially in the peak season. This lies in the months of June- September and December- January.

What you need to know about Dian Fossey’s hike.

  • The hike proceeds with a simple briefing and registration at the park headquarters with the guides.
  • Walking sticks are provided to the hikers for easy navigation and a professional guide to lead them.
  • The hike to Karisoke takes about 2-3 hours depending on one’s speed.
  • In case of heavy luggage, porters are available to help you out at 15 USD.
  • You ought to be careful where you step because of the muddy terrain of the area.
  • Along the slopes of Mount Bisoke, you will have a glance at Karisoke Research center near Dian Fossey’s to tomb where you get to know the history of the commentary from the guide.
  • The hike takes half a day but in case you are to explore volcanoes for 3 days, Rwanda has the best accommodation facilities ranging from luxury, midrange and budget.
  • Volcanoes can be accessed through a 3 hours’ drive by car.
  • Among the hiking equipment include hiking boats, water proof clothing’s, snacks, and energy drinks cameras among others.

If you would want to walk on the footsteps of the iconic primatologists, Dian Fossey hike is an unexplained pleasure which you ought not to miss. What are you waiting for, book with us at Chosen Expeditions and Tours.

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