Quad Biking In Jinja


Jinja is indeed a popular destination for quad biking from other areas in Uganda. As most of the safaris are done using vehicles in the wilderness, quad biking is a unique experience in Jinja that allows you to explore the city as you mingle with the locals. On a self-drive, you will be able to experience their local life as you watch them perform their daily activities. Quad biking in Jinja is done in the less congested and local villages, plantations, banks of River Nile, forests among others.

Prices for quad biking ranges between 50 USD and 110 USD depending on the route to be used and time to be spent that is from 1-4 hours and age with restrictions of individuals below 12 years.

What to see on a quad bike.

Off the beaten roads on your 4 wheeled bike, expect to meet/ see a lot for example  motorcyclists and also bypass them, locals attending to their gardens, women having their babies on their backs, others washing on the river banks, kids waving to mention but a few. However, chances of meeting cars are minimal.

NOTE: Quad biking does not require any kind of experience. All you need is a 30 minute briefing on how to manage the all -terrain vehicles while on road to maintain stability through controlling gears. After you will be divided into groups depending on the ability.

Take caution of the people / kids crossing and the next biker as the wheels can throw mud into their faces.

The bikes should be done for fun not competition with ongoing narrations from the guide about the Nile and Jinja at large.

Best time for quad biking in Jinja.

The ideal time for quad biking is within the rainy season for appropriate scenic views from the country side. The rainy seasons make the ground slippery with a lot of mud which makes the activity more exciting. However, dry seasons can also be used for the activity though they make the tracks dusty.



To have a blast of the experience, you should have a right selection for clothes and items that perfectly match the weather conditions. For example helmets, overall, gaggles, gum boots, skin repellants not forgetting water and cameras to capture moments.

Apart from Jinja, Lake Mburo National park also provides quad biking experiences with closer looks with wildlife.

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