How to Make a Safari Reservation in Uganda & Rwanda

How to Make a Safari Reservation in Uganda & Rwanda

How to Make a Safari Reservation in Uganda & Rwanda

The following guidelines must be put into consideration before deciding on making a reservation for your safari, both in Rwanda and Uganda.

Confirmation of reservations

When flights, gorilla permits, and lodging are confirmed as available, it’s time to finalize your reservation. To help us reserve your permits and lodging, we will need your complete name, passport number, and country of residence.

Proir  payments of 50%

At least make a prior payment of 50% of the overall trip cost specifically to guarantee your gorilla permits, among other things. Payments can be made online with a credit card or directly deposited into our business’ bank account. We will then issue an invoice to confirm the payments made.

We will send you a confirmation email and a copy of the receipt with the balance as soon as we receive your payment on our bank account. Your gorilla permits will be paid for right away, and we usually email scanned documents to make sure everything is in order. Along with lodges, additional licenses, such as those for chimpanzees and golden monkeys (if required), must also be paid. Our tour expert will create a complete itinerary that includes all of the accommodations and flights.

Ensure you have the remaining balance of the trip ready

You have two weeks to pay the remaining amount before your arrival. If payment is being made in person, cash only is accepted. When you arrive, bank transfers and credit cards are NOT accepted. Payment by credit card or bank transfer must be made at least two weeks prior to the arrival date.

Choose a safari package or packages based on your preferences.

There are numerous trip packages available on our website for Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and other countries. Pick a plan that accommodates your time, money, interests, and travel requirements. What you want to see—gorilla tracking, chimpanzees, birds, wildlife, local villages, mountain hikes, etc.—determines your interests; the number of days you want to spend on the safari determines your time; and your budget, what you can afford to pay for the safari—determines your time. If none of the packages suit your needs, we can help you create the package of your dreams.

Decide on the tour package price and schedule of travel.

We will decide on a tour package and its price per person over the phone, by email, or WhatsApp, in case you decide to use it. Take note that groups, couples, honeymooners, and single travelers can all take advantage of our private trips. We will check if permits and lodging are available in accordance with your chosen travel dates, while you check the availability of flights. It is recommended that you seek for flights first, and then we will check for gorilla and chimpanzee permits and resort availability.

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