How to Access Lake Mburo National Park.

How to Access Lake Mburo National Park.

How to access Lake Mburo National Park.

Many customers want to visit Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda’s smallest savannah national park, but they never know how to get there. Both air and vehicle transportation can be used to get to the park. The Lake Mburo National Park is situated in Uganda’s western Mbarara district, some 228 kilometers from Kampala, the country’s capital. About 350 different bird species can be found in the national park, along with a variety of other animals like topi, buffalo, zebra, hyena, impala, and leopard.

Its accessed by road.
Three separate access gates—the Sanga gate, the Kyanyanshara gate, and the Nshara gate—allow visitors to reach the park after a four-hour drive. A 4×4 car is the ideal mode of transportation on the road.

After their experience hiking with the chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, visitors can continue on to Lake Mburo National Park by way of Ibanda and Rushere.

In addition, visitors visiting Lake Mburo National Park can also reach Queen Elizabeth National Park by way of Mbarara and Ishaka, which are roughly 186 kilometers apart.

How to get by flight to Lake Mburo National Park

In addition, visitors can reach Lake Mburo National Park by air by scheduling direct flights from several aviation providers, such as Aero Link Uganda, which takes two hours to get from Entebbe International Airport to Mbarara Town.

Lake Mburo National Park attractions

The lake Mburo national park has a plethora of attractions, some of which are listed below, in addition to its name.

Mburo Lake

Many animal and bird species call the natural waterbody home. These birds and animals congregate at the lake’s edge to sip water. Animals, including crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and buffalos, live in the lake. Lake Mburo is home to a variety of birds, including blue-headed weavers, hammerkops, pelicans, and green-necked doves.

Camp Rwonyo Rest Area.

At Lake Mburo National Park, this is the starting point for treks, game drives, forest walks, and quad bike rides. The location is known as the hub of Lake Mburo National Park tourism activity.

Rubanga woodland
Take a guided nature walk in the forest of Rubanga. The park’s western edge is home to a small forest that offers views of several tree species as well as a variety of woodland birds, including green pigeons, double-toothed barbets, and harrier hawks.

When a visitor chooses Lake Mburo National Park as their tourism destination, they have access to a variety of engaging and educational activities thanks to the aforementioned attractions. Among the things to do are

Adventures with games.
About 68 mammal species and 350 bird species, including the expanding giraffe and hippos populations, may be found in Lake Mburo National Park. Take a leisurely game drive to observe the abundant crocodile population.

Riding a horse

One of the rare parks where it is possible to watch wildlife while on a horse is Lake Mburo National Park. Certified park rangers at Mihingo Lodge are in charge of the one- to three-hour activity. Participate in the activity to discover the splendor of Savannah National Park.

Night game drives to see wildlife.
One of the greatest national parks for visitors interested in nighttime game drives is Lake Mburo. Visitors look for the park’s nocturnal inhabitants, which include the elusive leopard, white-tailed mongoose, and other creatures. During the activity, take in the lovely noises made by various bird species.

Lake Mburo National Park boat ride

A boat launch is an amazing extravaganza that you should not miss when on a safari in Lake Mburo National Park. You can see a variety of animals on the tour, including hippos, crocodiles, and many bird species.


During a boat tour in the park, visitors can observe a wide diversity of stunning and vibrant bird species.

These birds include rare shoe bills, kingfishers, and pelicans. Some animals that prefer to be near water are antelopes and buffaloes.

Community walks

In addition to the aforementioned activities, visitors to Lake Mburo National Park can engage in community walks, biking safaris, and woodland walks at Rubanga.

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