Directions to Murchison Falls National Park

Directions to Murchison Falls National Park

Directions to Murchison Falls National Park

About Murchison Falls and accessing it .

Being termed the largest national park, Murchison Fall National Park, spans through several districts in the northwest of Kampala, Uganda, including parts of the Nakasongola and Nwoya districts, Masindi and Kiryadongo districts, Bulisa district, and Nwoya district. The park is situated on approximately 38400 square kilometers.

The Albertine Nile divides the park, which is home to the Karuma Falls and Bugungu Wildlife Reserves, which together make up the Murchison Falls Conservation Area of the protected national park. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government organization in charge of overseeing and managing all  Uganda’s national parks.

How can I access Murchison Fall National Park?
In Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park, is one of the busiest tourist destinations. It is in high demand from travelers and is one of the best places for Uganda safaris that offer visitors a chance to see the Big Five of East Africa’s wildlife as well as other natural wonders. the big five include lions, Rhinos, elephants, buffalos and leopards, among others

All people who come to Africa and would like to explore the pearl of Africa and have an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience of an excellent Uganda safari in the wild can approach the park by road or by air.

Transportation options

Road transport options include taking a bus from Kampala, hiring a private driver from Entebbe International Airport, or scheduling a pickup with a reputable tour operator or Uganda safari specialist who will help you plan a fantastic Murchison fall safari. There are roughly five gates via which one can enter Murchison Falls National Park. These gates include:

Travelers traveling from the Gulu or Kidepo Valley National Park can utilize the Wankwar gate, which is located in the northern part of Murchison Fall National Park next to Purongo and approximately 10 km from the Arua-Gulu main road.

Tangi Gate is located in the northern section of Murchison Falls National Park, 110 kilometers from Karauma Bridge. It only takes 2 kilometers to get to the park headquarters from this gate; however, in order to access the southern section of the park, visitors must cross a ferry.

Through Mubako Gate, which is accessible from the Karuma Falls Bridge on the Pakwach Road from Kampala, visitors will be able to take in the breathtaking scenery of Karuma Falls as they cross the Nile River.

One of the gates located in the southern portion of the Murchison Fall National Park is Bugungu Gate, which is roughly 135 kilometers from Masindi Town. It is also accessible via the Budongo Forest National Park in the southern section, which offers breathtaking views of both the budongo forest and the rift valley escarpment.

Kichumbanyobo Gate: From Masindi Town, it will take visitors two to three hours by car and roughly 85 kilometers to reach the gate, which is located in the park’s southern section and is also accessible by Kaniyo Pabidi Forest.

As was previously noted, the park has roughly three air strip fields where planes that do Uganda safaris can land. One of these is Chobe Air Field, which is situated close to Chobe Safari Lodge in the Nwoya area of the northern section of Murchison Falls National Park.

The Uganda Wildlife Headquarters is closed by the Bugungu airfield, which is located in the southern sector adjacent to Paraa. Additionally, Bugungu is in close proximity to Paraa Safari Lodge, one of the park’s opulent lodging options. Visitors at Red Chili Safari Camp, Simba Safari Lodge, and Nile Camp may also utilize it.

The Pakuba airstrip is run by the Civil Aviation Authority and is located in the northern section of Murchison Falls National Park. It is 756 kilometers from Entebbe International Airport, 15 kilometers from Bugungu, and 72 kilometers from Chobe Safari Lodge.

When is the ideal time to visit the Murchison Falls?
Murchison Fall National Park offers year-round Uganda wildlife safaris, but the best times to visit are during the dry season, which is considered to be the busiest time for safaris in Uganda and falls between December and February and June and mid-October when little precipitation is predicted.

In Murchison Falls National Park, a variety of wildlife animals congregate at water collection spots during the dry season to quench their thirst, making it easy for visitors to see them while on a game drive safari.

While many tourists dislike traveling in large groups, some choose to take advantage of the lower prices offered by safari lodges and tour operators during the low season, which is typically Uganda’s rainy season. Nevertheless, some travelers still prefer to visit Murchison Falls National Park during this time.

Travelers have the opportunity to easily access a wide range of accommodation facilities that they can use on their safari, ranging from mid-range to budget and luxury facilities depending on a traveler’s interests and budget. Whether they have used road transport in a 4×4 vehicle or air transport, they have all had incredible and exceptional adventure experiences on Uganda safaris. These consist of the nearby Chobe Airstrip with Chobe Safari Lodge, Budongo Eco-lodge, Heritage Safari Lodge, Pakuba Lodge, Shoe Bill Rest Camp, Paraa Safari Lodge, and Parkside Safari lodge, among other lodging options with excellent services and friendly staff who help guests enjoy their stay while on safari in Murchison Falls National Park.

In conclusion, when using the northern gates for road transportation, visitors will leave Kampala City via Karuma Town, travel the Pakwach Highway, then take a detour from Karuma Bridge to reach the Paraa headquarters. It takes about five to six hours to drive from Kampala to Murchison Fall National Park in a 4×4 car. If you are coming from Kidepo Valley National Park and Gulu town, you should use the northern gates for easy access and save time than having to go all the way round to the other gate.

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