Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park

Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park

Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park

Volcanic activity caused the volcanoes to erupt quickly, creating or developing craters, which resulted in the park’s crater lakes. When raindrops form inside craters, the craters are referred to as crater lakes.

Kibale is home to several crater lakes, including as Lake Nyabikere, Lake Kifuruka, Lake Nkuruba, and others, all of which are located in one location and provide breathtaking scenery. The Ndali Kasenda Crater Region, also known as the western rift valley region, is home to several crater lakes. Lake Nyabikere is the most well-known crater lake in Kibale Park. The crater lakes are these;

1. Nyabikere Lake

2. Nyinambuga Lake

3. Lyantode Lake

4. Mubiro Lake

5. Nyanswingwa Lake

6. Ntambi Lake

7. Kifuruka Lake

8. Nkuruba Lake

9. Nyinambuga Lake

10. Nyamasagani Lake


It’s one of Kibale’s most well-known crater lakes. Because there are so many frogs being hosted, Nyabikere is referred to as the “Lake of Frogs” in the local tongue. It is well-known for its stunning scenery. Hundreds of bird species regularly visit Nyabikere Crater Lake, and some of them, including King Fishers and Bee Eaters, make their nests in the surrounding forests. This makes the lake an excellent place to go bird watching.


It’s among Uganda’s most exquisite crater lakes. Forests encircle Lake Nyinambuga, contributing to its picturesque appearance, as does Lake Nkuruba. L. Nyinambuga is a great place for a nature walk because of its stunning blue waters.


To the west of Lake Nyinambuga is where one may view Lake Lyantode. Hiking to the lake provides breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, verdant vegetation, wildlife, and birds.


Before reaching Lake Lyantode, Lake Kifuruka is located to the west of Lake Nyinambuga. About 26 kilometers separate it from Fort Portal City. Because of the emerald waters at Lake Kifuruka, the water there is acidic.

Additional information about the lake There is lake fishing but no swimming allowed.


One of Kibale’s most popular crater lakes is Lake Kuruba. South of Fort Portal, it is well-known for its African Walking Safaris in Uganda. Hiking this lake allows you to witness the Kibale Forest, Mahoma Fall, and several craters.


Lake Ntambi is situated in Uganda’s western region, in the Kabarole district.


Lake Mubiro is renowned for its breathtaking surroundings and unspoiled beauty. This lake offers fishing and boating opportunities. It’s a good spot for bird watching because it’s home to many undesirable species.

In conclusion, these crater lakes are striking due to their lovely characteristics, which draw both nature and people.

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