Booking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

Booking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

Booking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

How might one schedule safaris in Uganda and Rwanda? You have to choose the activities you want to participate in when your Africa safari location is Uganda and Rwanda. Gorilla safaris rank highest among the activities available for Uganda and Rwanda. All plans depend on knowing the days you want to be on safaris in Rwanda and Uganda.

Most Frequent Safaris

  • Four Days of Gorillas and Golden Monkey Safari
  • Two days bwindi Gorilla Safari via Kigali
  • Three Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari
  • Five Day Off Season: Gorilla and Chimp Safari
  • Five-Day Gorilla and Chimp Tracking Safari
  • 16-Day Uganda Highlights & Wildlife Safari
  • Five Day Tracking Safari for Gorillas and Chimps
  • Five Days Low Season Safari for Uganda’s Gorilla and Chimps
  • Five-day Uganda Gorillas and Game Safari via Kigali
  • five days of gorilla habituation and chimps


One of the trendy African safaris with many activities available is Uganda. While on Uganda safari, you can do game drives in locations including Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park; birding in Uganda is unique since the nation boasts an unmatched total of over 1000 species and others Uganda safari activities.

Activities on a safari in Rwanda include birdwatching in Rwanda, seeing the genocide memorials, Rwandese cultural experience, Kigali city tour, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park, and others.

Through our staff of tour advisors, we can help you arrange the Uganda and Rwanda safaris. With most Uganda and Rwanda safari locations, they are skilled and experienced; they provide trustworthy knowledge about what to see; and they are often updated with news about these locations. We take care of coordinating and planning the safari activities for Uganda and Rwanda, so relieving some of their responsibility. Our clients on Uganda and Rwanda safaris should have lifelong experiences created by us.

Activities to do on Uganda Safari

Gorilla excursions in Uganda
Gorilla trekking, in Uganda, lets one hour with a fully habituated gorilla family, or gorilla habituation experience, in which case four hours are allowed with a semi-habituated gorilla family. Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park include Uganda’s two gorilla safari sites.

One must arrange a gorilla trekking or habituation permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority in order to reach the sites of the gorilla safaris. Our team can help you obtain the gorilla permit; nevertheless, you must reserve it ahead of time, particularly if your safari falls during the high season. June, July, August, September, December and January are Uganda’s busiest travel seasons.

The great demand for gorilla permits for this season causes last-minute shortages.

Uganda now grants two gorilla habituation licenses daily and 156 gorilla hiking permits.

Uganda’s chimpanzee safaris
Although Uganda gives greater opportunities to witness chimps in their natural environments, they are the closest human cousins in the animal world. Among the several Uganda chimpanzee safari sites include Kibale National Park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kaniyo Pabidi Forest in Murchison Falls National Park, Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Kalinzu Forest, and others.

To see these chimpanzees, you must have a safari permit. The price of chimpanzee safaris in Uganda depends on the location.

Ugandan game safaris
Uganda’s wildlife parks are spread all throughout the nation. Among those are Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park.

The ideal times for game drives in Uganda are the morning and afternoons, when you have opportunity to observe species such lions, leopards, waterbucks, bushbucks, giraffes, Impalas, Elands, Hyenas, Cheetahs, aardvarks, Jackals, herds of buffaloes, herds of elephants, Uganda kobs, zebras and more.

If you want to have a chance to see specific species, ask our safari experts; although Uganda’s wild animals are not found in all the game parks, some are most observed in specific parks.

Plan boat excursions and launch adventures.
A launch journey within Uganda’s National Parks can let you unwind. The amazing launch excursion to the Murchison Falls, the strongest falls in the World, is available at Murchison Falls National Park. Look for many wild animals that usually grace the coasts to satisfy thirst while you sail. It is amazing how exciting River Nile is when it squeezes through a 6-meter-wide gorge to explode forcefully and create a hazy look.

On the Rift Valley floor, a launch journey on the Kazinga channel unwords. Looking out the coast of the Kazinga channel, you may find numerous creatures that enjoy satisfy their thirst, take a bath, and lounge by the shore. Many native and exotic birds find attraction in the banks of the Kazinga waterway.

The boat excursion on Lake Mburo National Park is outstanding since it allows you to see various water birds, enjoy the lovely surroundings of the lake, and maybe catch fisherman throwing their nets. Still, the Uganda Wildlife Authority initially rates these.

Golden Monkey Adventures
Among the most threatened primate species worldwide are golden monkeys Mgahinga National Park’s golden monkeys call Uganda home. Their lower bottom is covered in golden brown hairs and their physique is bigger than that of other primates. Though first acclimated, they still have their natural traits; they are lovely primates to follow.

Ugandan birding
With more than 1000 species spread over several environments, Uganda boasts an unmatched bird list. Having a well-organized Uganda birding schedule and a qualified and experienced birding guide would assist you to maximize your safari. We can assist you in creating an excellent birding schedule and apply our expert birding guide with great success.

Among the Uganda birding locations are Bwindi woodland, Mabira forest, Mpanga forest, Mabamba swamp, Lake Bunyonyi, Musambwa Island, Botanical Gardens Entebbe, Lutembe Beach, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and others.

See the Nile River source.
Jinja Uganda, is the sole source of the Nile. To get to where the Nile water drastically divides from Lake Victoria, you need a boat. It is difficult to describe what happens under that point of separation, as River Nile water usually exhibits a force driving it while Lake Victoria water is tranquil.

White water rafting down the Nile
The white water rafting boats are available at Murchison Falls National Park or Jinja. Professional teachers are here to guide you through all the required training in the shortest time span, hence, experience is not necessary. Keep peddling in to keep going and wear the safety gear as suggested by the instructors. White water rafting ranges in degree; you can stop where you feel most comfortable.

Uganda’s cultural encounter
Uganda boasts a varied population, including several tribes. Though there are so many variations, most civilizations could have certain parallels. Under Kabaka, you could visit the several kingdoms in Uganda, including the Buganda kingdom in central Uganda. Omukama rules Bunyoro; Tooro Kingdom is under Omukama; Busoga Kingdom is under Kyabazinga and Rwenzururu kingdom is under Omumbere.

You may really engage yourself in the running of their lives and much more that distinguishes these unique Ugandan tribes. Others engaged in fishing in Uganda

Try your luck and savor the enjoyment of sports fishing in Uganda. If you had a fishing permission, carried your own gear, and hired a boat with a boat captain for the day or half-day, it would help. You might find species including the enormous Nile perch, tilapia, catfish, lungfish, and others on a sports fishing trip in Uganda.

Mountain Adventures in Uganda
You can mountaineer on Mount Rwenzori for days to reach Margherita, with snowcapped peak. The return trip could span seven days and more. As you climb, you can take in the breathtaking vistas; also, you can spend overnights at the stopping sites along the route.

Though there is excursion trekking on several highlands in Uganda, the most well-known are the eight hours of return hiking on mountains such Mountain Muhavura, Gahinga, and Mountain Sabyinyo. You simultaneously get Uganda, Rwanda, and D.R. Congo when on the top of Mountain Sabyinyo.

Activities in Rwanda Safari F: What to do?

Trekking in Gorillas in Rwanda
The best thing you can do in Rwanda is gorilla trekking. There is only one gorilla tour destination in Rwanda: Volcanoes National Park Rwanda boasts fifteen gorilla trekking families right now. Some among them include Hirwa, Susa, Amahoro, Umubano, Agashya, and others.

Although a maximum of 8 gorilla licenses can be booked per family, the Rwanda Developments Board is the only one authorized selling body for Rwanda gorillas. If you wish to visit Rwanda in the high seasons of June to September or December to January, book the gorilla permit in advance. As the high season approaches, the demand for these permits usually rises and causes shortage.

Trekking with chimps in Rwanda
There only is one chimpanzee safari site in Rwanda: Nyungwe National Park One needs a permission for chimpanzee hiking from the Rwanda Development Board. Conducted at Nyungwe National Park with Uwinka as their main office, two chimpanzee safaris are Another group of semi-habituated chimpanzees in Rwanda is Cyamudondo, on the margins of Nyungwe National Park.

Since the forest in Cyamudondo is smaller than that of the Nyungwe forest, chimps in Cyamudondo are more rare.

Game safaris inside Rwanda’s Akagera National Park
Still recuperating from the consequences of the 1994 Rwanda genocide is Akagera National Park. Many animals were killed, and others ran to other places.

The park is currently restoring its wild animal grandeur, thus during the game drive in Akagera National Park, you may find Uganda kobs, elephants, cape buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, hardly seen lions and leopards, waterbucks, bushbucks, and others.

Relaxing on a boat trip on Lake Ihema, you may appreciate the breathtaking vista of Akagera National Park.

Nyungwe National Park’s canopy walk
Walking across Nyungwe National Park via the suspension bridge is fulfilling. East Africa only has this one natural feature. Comprising rich vegetation and unusual landscapes, Nyungwe forest offers an amazing perspective.

Using this 90-meter-long suspension bridge is a time to create memories.

The tour of Kigali City
How would you go for a safari in Rwanda instead of the Kigali city tour in one of the most hygienic cities in Africa? You visit the Kandt home, memorials for genocide including the Blue Beret memorial, Gisozi memorial, St Famille Church, and more. Visit Kigali city’s and other market districts.

Cultural experience in Rwanda
It’s worth visiting Rwanda for their dances and folk music, which highlight their own culture. With previous planning, you may be among the onlookers of Intore dance techniques, whereby men and women dance to the beats of hard-hit long drums. These dancing steps are on display in the royal museum in Huye.

Among these unusual crafts found in Nyakarimbi are Omigongo cow dung. Other Rwandan craft-making alternatives include basketry, wood carving, ceramics, and others.

When should one book Uganda and Rwanda safaris ?
Since countries have all year-round activities, the ideal time to schedule Rwanda or Uganda safaris is when you are ready. The dry season is the most chosen season since most animals may be seen in ease. Because more sunshine is let through the thick canopy, the vegetation of the game parks is lower, improving visibility; even the precipitation of the forest is lower.

Usually the dry season, June, July, August, September, December, and January constitute the peak season; however, the logistical expenses are somewhat significant. This is due to the great demand these safari operations in Uganda and Rwanda generate worldwide. Our guests should schedule and coordinate these safaris ahead of time; if you require a gorilla permit, golden monkey permit, or safari permit, it is advisable to reserve them early on.

Usually the wet season, March, April, May, and November, the low season comes with reduced prices. Though you have a limited budget and would want an upgrade, possibilities are more open this season when less bookings are generated. As they struggle to break even, service providers in Uganda and Rwanda have an opportunity to provide discounted rates.

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